2023 Poetry is Not Dead podcast Logo, created by Eric Montgomery, an American Poet.

In January 2023, I created a podcast called Poetry is Not Dead, which is dedicated to showcasing poetry from independent authors by reading aloud their beautiful words.

In each episode, I read between 5-10 poems from an independent poetry author. If an author submits poetry from more than one book, then each book will be featured in its own episode.

Why I Created the Podcast

I love reading aloud, whether it’s email or poetry. Poems should be heard, not just read. A poem, rhyming or not, has a rhythm or a heartbeat that brings the words to life when read aloud.

I also wanted to create another marketing opportunity for indie poetry authors to get their beautiful words heard.

I don’t charge for this opportunity, because I understand (as an indie author) the challenges we face to market our art.

Compliments & Reviews

“That is awesome! From start to finish. The music, tone of your voice, everything. I have to admit that I am not that much of a poetry person, but I am going back later today to listen to more episodes. It’s relaxing. I am going to have to carry my earbuds with me so I can tune in. I see now that YOUR voice is your instrument. Don’t let this go, you are just scratching the surface. :-)”

Compliment received via email
Apple Podcast 5-Star Review for Poetry is Not Dead, poetryisnotdead.net