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Cyrl aka CyCy

Cyrl (sigh-rill), also known as CyCy, calls herself a chaotic creator since she doesn’t fit into one niche.

She blogs about different topics such as book reviews, comics, and anime movies/shows watched recently.

She writes short stories and poetry

And… she offers beta reader services via Fiverr.

She will usually create darker, or spooky, content. CyCy is a hobbyist, and her head is always in the clouds. She enjoys snacking on ramen, reading, listening to music, making weird art, and being a fan girl about anime shows, books, and horror movies.

Featured on the Poetry is Not Dead podcast

I read poetry from CyCy and her poetry collection titled “The Darkness that Lurks Behind the Smile” in Episode #21.

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Edge O. Erin

Edge O. Erin, Author of Legacy of Seconds, Time Sneak: Emergence, Terraform Charlie, and Odin’s Tillit,

Edge O. Erin grew up in British Columbia and now lives on the island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada. A passionate outdoorsman, the natural world is imprinted on his psyche. His surveying and remote sensing experience in disparate parts of the globe has informed his opinion on land use, the human condition, and the importance of biodiversity and environmental stewardship.

His Books

He’s written four books (Legacy of Seconds, Time Sneak: Emergence, Terraform Charlie, and Odin’s Tillit). He’s working on three more books, Parn (a Nova Terra story), Key Witness (a murder mystery) and Fledge (which will eventually be adapted to comic).

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Anna Tizard

Anna Tizard, Author, Podcaster, The Empty Danger, Book 1 of 2: The Book of Exquisite Corpse, “I” For Immortality, Book 2 of 2: The Book of Exquisite Corpse. Brainstoryum.

Anna Tizard writes wildly imagined fantasies spiked with unexpected, metaphysical themes. Guided by the beams and shadows of the human psyche and with a touch of the surreal, you might call it Deeply Weird.

Her Books

The Empty Danger, Book 1 of 2: The Book of Exquisite Corpse. A weird, wildly imagined fantasy novella about facing Fear during the coronavirus lockdown.

“I” For Immortality, Book 2 of 2: The Book of Exquisite Corpse.
“I” For Immortality is the second release from The Book of Exquisite Corpse, a collection of stories inspired by the surrealist word game of the same name. This short novel is about the desire to touch eternity.

Brainstoryum Podcast

Inspired by the surrealist word game of Exquisite Corpse, which she plays on her podcast, Brainstoryum, each unique story is based on random word combinations for a bizarre and enlightening journey into the imagination.

Enter a few words on the Play Exquisite Corpse page, and hear what happens when your entries are scrambled and pulled out of… The Socks of Destiny!

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Michael Rotondo aka Mr. Mike

Michael Rotondo, aka Mr. Mike; Host of the Wrong Answers Only podcast. Author of Turn Off the Lights poetry chapbook.

Michael Rotondo is a special education teacher in the Quebec, Canada area and he wrote a poetry chapbook titled, “Turn Off the Lights“, which is a collection of poetry dating back to his teenage years and covers a variety of themes including love, heartbreak, pain, depression, mental health, and concussions.

Featured on the Poetry is Not Dead podcast

I read some of Mr. Mike’s beautiful words from Turn Off the Lights in Episode #5.

Wrong Answers Only Podcast

He is also known as Mr. Mike, who is the host of the Wrong Answers Only podcast, where he is on a mission to explore the unique stories of inspiring personalities from different career paths. He interviews guests from all kinds of backgrounds and discusses their life experiences, successes, and failures.

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T. R. Hamby

T.R. Hamby, Author, fantasy series, steamy romance series, LGBTQ, psychological thriller and women’s contemporary books, The Banished Series.

T.R. Hamby has been writing stories since she was tall enough to reach the keys on the family computer. She began writing novels when she was thirteen, hoping to publish one day, and debuted a short story about a mischievous cat as a Christmas present for her family.

Her characters are some of her dearest friends, and there’s never a time when she doesn’t have a story in her head. Multi genre author of a fantasy series, steamy romance series, LGBTQ, psychological thriller and women’s contemporary books. She resides in Florida with her dog, Wanda, and her cat, Joey.

The Banished Series

What happens when powerful Angels, Immortals and humans join together to fight Demons?

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Christine Bode

Christine Bode, Canadian, Poet, Author, Eden Refugee, Eden Redefined.

Christine Bode is the author of two books of visceral, audacious poetry.

Eden Refugee reflects the experiences of a young woman consumed by sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, unrequited love and a constant quest for spiritual enlightenment.

In her latest volume, Eden Redefined, Christine bares her soul, teasing every sense by revealing her life as an existential mud wrestler. Eden Redefined intimately contemplates grief, human vampires, spiritual growth, love in its many guises, pandemic isolation, and the madness of the 21st century.

Featured on the Poetry is Not Dead podcast

I read some of Christine’s beautiful words in two episodes on my podcast Poetry is Not Dead. Episode #13 features poems from Eden Refugee, and Episode #14 features poems from Eden Redefined.

Founder of Bodacious Copy

In 2020, Christine Bode founded a one-stop shop for all your copyediting, proofreading, book reviewing, and Twitter marketing needs called Bodacious Copy.

As a professional freelance copy editor, and proofreader, with over a decade of experience in independent publishing and over fifteen years of copyediting experience, Christine’s clients appreciate her ability to help them refine their writing and present their best-written work to the world by accessing the soul and spirit of their words and emphasizing them with uncommon magic.

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Sheila E. Young

Sheila E. Young, debut novel "Mac", Romance, suspense, family, humour, vigilantes.

Sheila Young is excited to be sharing her debut novel, Mac.

Sheila has worked in many fields, from advertising to travel, hospitality, the entertainment industry and everything in between. These experiences have given her a front-row seat as a student of human nature. When the pandemic hit, she tried her hand at writing, not only to escape, but to provide an escape for others as well.

Mac, debut novel by Sheila E. Young, Women's adventure, woman author, action, romance, fun,, available on Amazon, paperback, Kindle

Her debut novel, Mac

Working for a vigilante task force requires Mac Riley to do the unthinkable. It’s not everyday you stab the Vice President of the United States – then fall in love with him. A global network of dark forces challenges these renegades at every turn, yet they are ready to do what is necessary to tip the scales towards justice.

When her family becomes the target, Mac and her colleagues are put to the ultimate test. And Mac will do anything to keep her loved one’s safe…but will it be enough?

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