Meet Eric Montgomery and discover his creative interests.

Meet Eric

Growing Up

I grew up in the Seattle area. I started working for myself after highschool (mid-80s). I would offer small businesses and residential clients technical, web, graphic, and video services.

I also spent some time in the corporate world working on IT teams or as a highly sought-after executive secretary. I worked for companies in the big tech, financial, logging, and video game industries.

Professional Nerd

I’ve always been passionate about helping people with the various technology challenges. I really enjoy teaching people how to use their technology.

Over the years, many of my clients have told me I must have won some genetic lottery for problem-solving and teaching.

It’s also essential that I don’t just ‘fix stuff’; I like to teach and empower people to address similar challenges if they arise again.

Coast to Coast

In 2002, a friend asked me to help him and his wife with a cross-country move to Cooperstown, New York, from Seattle. Little did I realize that meant driving a huge Penske moving truck across the country. What an adventure that was!

My friend’s wife was going to attend the Cooperstown Graduate Program (CGP), a museum studies program where they train creative, entrepreneurial museum leaders committed to generating programs and services for the public good.

Once the cross-country move was complete, I enjoyed exploring and learning about Cooperstown, NY. After several days of exploring, I became a Consulting Technology Advisor for the Cooperstown Graduate Program. Later, I also became a Consulting Technology Advisor and web developer for the New York State Historical Association Research Library.

I worked at these jobs until 2004, when I suddenly found myself in Southern Delaware. 🙂


In July 2004, I founded “The Computer Guy, Inc.,” which provided IT services and support to residential, small business, retail, and non-profit organizations primarily onsite (“house calls”) throughout the communities of Bethany Beach, Georgetown, Lewes, Millsboro, Milton, and Rehoboth Beach.

Then in July 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdowns, I made the hard decision to close my company and head back to Washington State to help my Mom.

Technology Articles

When I had my IT services company, I had fun writing for my monthly newsletter to help keep my clients informed of technology information that specifically pertained to them and their use of their computers and devices.

Now that I am not running a business, I miss writing for the newsletter. So with the launch of this new site, I’ve decided I will again write articles pertaining to general technology use aimed at the general consumer.

Children’s Storybook Author

I’ve always enjoyed writing and being creative. Though I never thought I would create a children’s storybook. And so in December 2020, I published my very first book called Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

The inspiration for my children’s storybook came from my professional working life, as I was always frustrated with people’s inability to do what they say they will. This made me wonder if I could create a story to help children learn how their Actions Speak Louder Than Words.


I’m a hobby photographer, in short that means that I take photos for personal enjoyment. I don’t plan my shots. Life just happens. My primary camera is an iPhone 13 Pro.


My primary photo gallery is over on Flickr. Here you can read any comments I have about the photo posted, along with the location it was captured.

If you have a Flickr account:

  • You can comment on a photo
  • Follow me to be notified when I post new photos
  • Favorite a photo, which helps my photos get noticed

Unique Photography Gifts

I use a website called RedBubble to sell interesting and unique products with my photography printed on them. They make fantastic gifts, whether that gift is for someone else or perhaps a gift to yourself.

Some of the interesting and unique products that are available:

  • wall art
  • stickers
  • phone cases
  • clothing (adults and kids)
  • clocks
  • pillows
  • masks
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • coffee mugs
  • pet blankets and bandanas
  • and so much more!

Check back on my site as I will post various products from my unique photography gifts store.

How to Contact Eric


Send an email to sayhello at mrericmontgomery dot com. Please be sure to include a Subject with your email, otherwise it will be automatically deleted.


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