Lycanthropic Reverie

AI Generated cover image for a poem titled "Lycanthropic Reverie", written by Eric Montgomery, American Author.

In shadows that live in winter’s chilling breath,
Where moonlight wanes and darkness conquers death,
A tale untold, a twist of fate unknown,
The cursed creature in the night has grown.

Not a beast of fur, nor fangs that gleam,
But a being lost in a shifting dream,
A fusion of man and ancient lore,
A werewolf like none you’ve seen before.

Its eyes, like fiery coals in the night,
Gleam with a hunger, a dreadful light,
Its claws, like razors, tear through the air,
A monstrous form that knows no despair.

From deep within the forest’s hidden heart,
It prowls and hunts, tearing worlds apart,
Its howl, a mournful, haunting song,
Echoes through the woods where it belongs.

Yet, in the day, it wears a human guise,
A mask of normalcy to disguise,
The secrets that it keeps locked inside,
The monstrous truth it can’t seem to hide.

As winter’s grip tightens its icy hold,
The werewolf’s tale begins to unfold,
A twist of fate, a curse too dire,
A dance with shadows, fueling the fire.

The scent of blood, the taste of fear,
Innocence lost, danger drawing near,
In the darkest hours of the night,
The creature hunts, driven by its fright.

The rhythm of its steps, a pounding beat,
A pulse of terror, a deadly feat,
As it closes in, its prey unaware,
Caught in a nightmare’s cruel snare.

So, beware the shadows in the cold,
Where werewolf’s tale is silently told,
For in the depths of winter’s dread,
Lies a creature that seeks the living dead.

In the heart of darkness, it takes its stand,
A twist on the tale, too strange to understand,
With senses sharp, it hunts and waits,
To strike at those who dare to tempt their fates.

Now, the moon rises high above,
A silver orb, a beacon of love,
But for the creature in the night,
It’s a reminder of its endless fight.

In shadows that live in winter’s grasp,
The werewolf roams, a terror to clasp,
A chilling twist on the age-old lore,
A creature like none seen before.

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