Veil of the Misty Dawn

AI Generated cover image for a poem titled, Veil of the Misty Dawn, written by Eric Montgomery, American Author.

In a land where the mists do veil,
The world beyond, silent and pale,
Loomed trees, like sentinels tall,
Guarding secrets, both big and small.

A balcony stands, its view obscured,
By the fog’s embrace, its vision lured,
To the faintest glow, a beacon in night,
Piercing the haze, with shimmering light.

Chairs sit empty, a grill stands by,
Witness to memories, under the sky,
A lone guardian, of tales untold,
Of gatherings past, and stories bold.

The quiet, it whispers, tales of yore,
Of laughter, of tears, of love, and more.

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