Balance in a Chaotic World

AI Generated cover image for a short story titled,Balance in a Chaotic World, written by Eric Montgomery, a published American poet.

In the sprawling city of Lumiville, among a sea of skyscrapers and flashing neon lights, lived Alina. A woman with deep hazel eyes that seemed to harbor secrets. She was a beacon of hope in the corporate jungle, a place that demanded her to wear multiple masks. From the boardrooms to the bustling streets, they knew her as the “Iron Maiden” – decisive, fierce, and unstoppable. But as dusk settled, and the city’s facade dimmed, so did Alina’s. Alone in her plush apartment, she would often stare at her reflection, wondering who stared back.

The maze design captivated Alina’s attention on her silk bedspread, which was surrounded by paisley and floral motifs. The complexity of the intertwined pathways seemed like a reflection of her life, a journey without an end. A surge of emotions welled up, and she decided she needed a break – a sabbatical from the monotonous corporate life, a journey to find herself.

Alina’s first destination was Bali. A place she had only seen in pictures, where turquoise waters kissed golden sands and the culture was steeped in spirituality. She stayed in Ubud amidst the serene rice terraces and sacred temples. The morning air was fresh, filled with the chirping of birds and fragrances of blooming frangipanis. Alina began practicing yoga, meditating by the lotus pond, and having philosophical talks with local artisans.

One day, during a shadow puppet show, a puppeteer named Wayan shared a Balinese philosophy with her, “Rwa Bhineda,” meaning balance in life. The concept deeply resonated with Alina. It was a revelation that she had been swinging between extremes, never allowing herself to experience the middle ground.

Intrigued and enlightened, she then traveled to Japan, to the tranquil town of Kyoto. She experienced Zen gardens, tea ceremonies, and learned kintsukuroi during her stay at a traditional Ryokan. The philosophy behind it was profound: embracing flaws and imperfections. Alina realized she had always been her harshest critic, never acknowledging her vulnerabilities.

Months turned into a year. Alina’s journey took her from the picturesque Amalfi coast to the vibrant markets of Marrakech, transforming her along the way. She danced under the Northern lights in Iceland, trekked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, and even spent a week in silence at a Vipassana center in India.

It was during her stay in a remote village in Bhutan, the land of happiness, that Alina met Tshering, a monk. He introduced her to the concept of ‘Gross National Happiness.’ The idea wasn’t about constant euphoria, but about finding contentment. Tshering said, “Happiness isn’t about a perpetual high. It’s about understanding the lows, cherishing the highs, and finding a balance.”

Alina returned to Lumiville, but she wasn’t the same. The corporate jungle still existed. The hustle was real, but Alina had found her center. She started a mindfulness center in the city’s heart, blending her corporate acumen with the philosophies she’d learnt. The ‘Iron Maiden’ of Lumiville had transformed into the ‘Zen Queen.’

The journey to self-discovery isn’t about escaping, but about understanding oneself amidst chaos. Alina had ventured far and wide, not just in miles, but in personal growth. Her journey was not only about self-discovery but also about understanding the world, a beautiful merging of the inner and outer realms.

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