Ruin of Flesh

AI Generated cover image for a poem titled, RUIN OF FLESH, written by Eric Montgomery, American Poet.

Blisters bloom
Blisters break

Break the skin
Break the seal

Seal the fate
Seal the doom

Doom unfolds
Doom awaits

Awaits the twist
Awaits the change

Change the man
Change the form

Form grotesque
Form perverse

Perverse shape
Perverse mind

Mind descends
Mind corrupts

Corrupts the soul
Corrupts the flesh

Flesh mutates
Flesh distorts

Distorts the kind
Distorts the real

Real is gone
Real is past

Past compassion
Past the cure

Cure is lost
Cure is void

Void of pity
Void of grace

Grace forsakes
Grace withdraws

Withdraws the light
Withdraws the love

Love has died
Love’s remains

Remains are vile
Remains are wretched

Wretched end
Wretched and transformed


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