Gauntlet and Terms

AI Generated cover image for a poem titled, GAUNTLET AND TERMS, written by Eric Montgomery, American Poet.

Gauntlet thrown
Gauntlet picked

Picked a fight
Picked a side

Side by side
Side with me

Me or them
Me and you

You are right
You are strong

Strong enough
Strong will

Will you sign
Will you agree

Agree to this
Agree to that

That is fair
That is all

All or nothing
All in

In the end
In the loop

Loop the clause
Loop the hole

Hole in one
Hole in the wall

Wall of silence
Wall of words

Words matter
Words hurt

Hurt feelings
Hurt chances

Chances are
Chances slim

Slim to none
Slim pickings

Pickings are ripe
Pickings are slim

Slim and trim
Slim and shady

Shady deal
Shady terms

Terms and conditions
Terms of service

Service with a smile
Service charge

Charge it
Charge ahead

Ahead of the game
Ahead of the curve

Curve ball


This style of poetry is called a Blitz, or The Blitz

A blitz poem is a form of poetry that has 50 lines of short phrases and/or images that repeat and flow rapidly. It creates a sudden and intense attack on the senses. The first word of each line is the same as the first or last word of the previous line, except for the last two lines, which are the last words of lines 47 and 48.
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