Pardon Me

AI Generated cover image for a poem titled, PARDON ME, written by Eric Montgomery, American Poet.

He was a man of many talents and skills

He could play the guitar, paint, and write with ease

He had a lot of fans who admired his works

But he also had a lot of critics who hated his quirks

One day, he received a letter from a magazine

They wanted to interview him and feature him on their screen

They said they were impressed by his latest creation

And they wanted to know more about his inspiration

He agreed to meet them at a cafe downtown

He wore his usual jeans and leather jacket, no need for a gown

He arrived on time and saw the reporter waiting for him

She smiled and greeted him, but he sensed something grim

She started by asking him some basic questions

About his background, his hobbies, his passions

He answered them politely, but he felt bored

He knew she was just trying to build rapport

Then she moved on to the real topic of interest

His latest masterpiece that caused such a stir

She asked him what was the meaning behind it

What was the message he wanted to transmit

He looked at her and shrugged his shoulders

He said he didn’t have any hidden agenda or motives

He just wanted to express himself and have some fun

He didn’t care about pleasing anyone

She frowned and pressed him further

She said he must have had some influence or reference

She asked him if he was inspired by any other artist

Or if he was trying to make a statement or protest

He shook his head and sighed deeply

He said he didn’t owe anyone an explanation or apology

He said he was tired of people trying to analyze his work

And find some meaning that wasn’t there in the first place

He said he didn’t care about fame or fortune

He didn’t care about critics or opinions

He said he only cared about his own satisfaction and joy

And that was the only reason why he made his art

He said, “Pardon me if I don’t give a shit”

About what you think or what you write

I don’t need your validation or approval

I don’t need your praise or your ridicule

I make art for myself and myself alone

I don’t make art for anyone else or for any goal

I make art because it makes me happy and free

And that’s all that matters to me”

With that, he got up and left the cafe

Leaving the reporter speechless and dismayed

She realized she had wasted her time and effort

She had failed to understand him or his art

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