O Box Fan

AI Generated cover image for a poem titled, O BOX FAN, written by Eric Montgomery, American Poet. mrericmontgomery.com

O Box Fan, you are my faithful friend
When summer days are hot and long
You cool me down with your gentle breeze
And soothe me with your humming song

O Box Fan, you are my loyal guard
When nights are dark and still
You keep me safe from the buzzing pests
And comfort me with your steady thrill

O Box Fan, you are my constant companion
When I need some peace and quiet
You drown out the noise of the busy world
And help me relax with your soft riot

O Box Fan, you are my humble hero
When I want to save some energy
You use less power than the AC unit
And protect the environment with your efficiency

O Box Fan, you are my beloved appliance
You make my life more bearable and fun
You deserve more praise and recognition
For all the wonderful things you’ve done

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