Quietly, I Hope

AI Generated cover image for a poem titled, QUIETLY, I HOPE, written by Eric Montgomery, American Poet. mrericmontgomery.com

Alone in a crowd, I feel like a stranger

Blending in, but not belonging

Craving for someone to see me and hear me

Desperate for a touch or a smile

Everyone seems so busy and happy

Filling the air with laughter and chatter

Gone are the days when I had friends and family

Holding me close and making me matter

I wonder if anyone cares or notices

Just how lonely and sad I am

Keeping up a facade of being fine

Lying to myself and others

Maybe someday I will find my people

Nurturing and supportive and kind

Or maybe I will learn to love myself

Proud and confident and free

Quietly, I hope for a better tomorrow

Reaching out for a ray of hope

Sometimes, I catch a glimpse of it

Through a kind word or a gesture

Until then, I will keep on living

Venturing into the world with courage

Wishing for more than just existence

Xeroxing my dreams into reality

Yearning for connection and meaning

Zealous for life and love

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