Why Am I Here

Last updated on July 21, 2023

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In the depths of night, a soul did sigh,
With questioning eyes turned towards the sky,
The heart’s burden heavy, burdened with fear,
A plaintive whisper escaped, “Why am I here?”

Through the shadows, the moonlight shone,
Caressing the spirit that felt so alone,
Echoing questions, vast and unclear,
A quest for meaning, “Why am I here?”

From distant stars, a message came,
A gentle breeze that whispered a name,
The soul stirred, awakened, hope drawing near,
A newfound purpose, “Why am I here?”

Through mountains tall and rivers wide,
The seeker embarked on a journey inside,
A pilgrimage deep, to the core of their being,
Seeking solace and answers, forever freeing.

In ancient forests, whispers were found,
As nature’s wisdom echoed all around,
The trees whispered secrets, both old and wise,
The answers whispered by the softest of sighs.

The seeker gazed at the endless skies,
Where constellations whispered their lullabies,
Each twinkling star, a story to tell,
A symphony of purpose, within the celestial swell.

In laughter and tears, in joys and strife,
In moments of darkness, a glimmer of light,
The tapestry woven, of sorrows and cheer,
A unique purpose unveiled, “Why am I here?”

For in the deepest recesses of every soul,
A purpose resides, an ultimate goal,
To love, to create, to heal and inspire,
To make a difference, to set hearts afire.

With every step taken, each day anew,
The seeker discovered a purpose that grew,
No longer adrift, no longer forlorn,
Embracing their path, their purpose reborn.

So, if ever you find yourself lost in the haze,
Questioning existence, lost in a daze,
Know that within you, a purpose lies near,
A sacred calling that whispers, “I am here.”

For life’s true meaning is found in the quest,
To seek and explore, to be your very best,
In the search for purpose, the heart shall be steered,
With courage and faith, the answer shall be cleared.

So let the question guide you, through valleys and heights,
Embrace the journey, the days and the nights,
And remember, dear seeker, with unwavering cheer,
You’re here for a reason, a purpose sincere.

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