Last updated on July 21, 2023

AI Generated cover image for a poem titled, INSOMN!A, written by Eric Montgomery, American Poet.

A is for awake, when everyone else is asleep

B is for bed, where you toss and turn and weep

C is for clock, that ticks and tocks so loud

D is for dreams, that you can never reach or find

E is for exhaustion, that weighs down on your mind

F is for frustration, that you feel every night

G is for groggy, that you are every day

H is for hope, that you will sleep someday

I is for insomnia, the condition that you hate

J is for jittery, the way your nerves vibrate

K is for kindness, that you need from others

L is for loneliness, that you share with no one

M is for melatonin, that you take to help you sleep

N is for night, that seems to last forever

O is for owl, that you envy for its clever

P is for pillow, that you fluff and punch and squeeze

Q is for quiet, that you crave but never get

R is for restless, that you are from sunset to sunrise

S is for sleep, that you wish you could enjoy

T is for tired, that you are all the time

U is for uneasy, that you feel in your bed

V is for valerian, that you drink to calm your head

W is for worry, that keeps you up at night

X is for Xanax, that you take to ease your plight

Y is for yawning, that you do throughout the day

Z is for zzzz, that you hope to catch someday

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