Last updated on July 21, 2023

Definition: a shrewd, unprincipled person

Poem form: Alphabet

An abecedarius is a special type of acrostic in which the first letter of every word, strophe or verse follows the order of the letters in the alphabet.

AI Generated cover image for a poem titled, THE WORD FOR TODAY IS "SNOLLYGOSTER", written by Eric Montgomery, American Poet. mrericmontgomery.com

A snollygoster is a politician who
Betrays their principles and values
Cunning and deceitful, they always lie
Doing whatever it takes to get by
Exploiting the fears and hopes of the masses
Faking sincerity and putting on glasses
Gaining power and influence by any means
Hiding their true intentions and schemes
Ignoring the needs and rights of the people
Justifying their actions as legal and noble
Killing democracy and justice with every move
Lining their pockets with money and jewels
Manipulating the media and public opinion
Nominating themselves as the best option
Opposing anyone who dares to question them
Pretending to be a leader and a friend
Quashing dissent and criticism with force
Relying on propaganda and false reports
Selling out their country for a quick buck or a deal
Taking advantage of every situation they can steal
Undermining the values and ideals they swore to uphold
Violating the trust and respect they were given to hold
Wreaking havoc and chaos with every decision they make
Xenophobic and hateful, they spread fear and hate
Yearning for more power and fame, they never stop
Zealous and ruthless, they are the snollygosters of our time

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