Last updated on July 21, 2023

I wake up in the morning, and I check the news
to see if there is any traffic on the way
I hope to find a clear and easy route to choose
but all I see is red and yellow on the map

I get into my car and join the endless queue
of vehicles that crawl along the crowded road
I listen to some music or a podcast or two
but nothing can distract me from the traffic woe

I watch the clock and worry that I’ll be too late
for work or school or whatever I have planned
I curse the drivers who don’t signal or who brake
or cut me off or tailgate or change their lane

I finally reach my destination after hours
of stress and frustration and wasted time
I park my car and sigh and try to find some power
to face the day ahead and leave the traffic behind

But then I remember that I have to do it all again
when I go back home in the evening rush
And I wonder if there is any way to end
the misery and agony of traffic

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