Livid is the color of rage
The hue of anger and hate
The shade of fury and spite
The tint of violence and fate

Livid is the feeling of pain
The emotion of hurt and betrayal
The sensation of grief and loss
The reaction of shock and denial

Livid is the state of mind
The mindset of revenge and blame
The attitude of bitterness and scorn
The outlook of shame and disdain

Livid is the word I use
When I can’t express myself
When I can’t control my thoughts
When I can’t be someone else

Lashing out at everyone
Inflamed with rage and hate
Vengeful thoughts consume my mind
I can’t control my state
Drowning in my own despair

Peaceful, serene
Relaxing, meditating, soothing
Harmony, balance, chaos, conflict
Raging, fuming, exploding
Furious, violent