Lust for Vengeance

Epic Poetry

Today I thought I would try my hand at writing in the epic poetic form. Epic poetry tells a long narrative poem about the heroic deeds and adventures of extraordinary characters who interact with gods or other supernatural forces. Epic poetry usually uses a formal and elevated language, a specific meter (such as dactylic hexameter), and various literary devices (such as epic similes, epithets, and catalogues).

He was a noble warrior of the land

Who fought for justice with his loyal band

But when his king betrayed him with a lie

He swore to make him pay and watch him die

He gathered all his men and made a plan

To storm the castle and confront the man

Who broke his oath and caused him so much pain

He vowed to never let him rule again

He faced the king and challenged him to fight

But soon he realized it was a trap

The king had hired mercenaries in the night

To ambush him and put him in a wrap

He fought with all his might but was outnumbered

He saw his comrades fall one by one

He felt a blade that pierced his chest and sundered

His life and hopes before they had begun

He lay there bleeding on the cold hard floor

He looked into the king’s triumphant eyes

He felt a surge of anger and of gore

He cursed his name and wished he’d see his demise

He died with lust for vengeance in his heart

He never got to see his dream come true

But in the afterlife he got a start

To haunt the king and make him pay his due