We are bone.

What is this substance that holds us together
That gives us shape and strength and structure
That forms the scaffold of our existence
That supports the weight of our being

What is this material that grows with us
That adapts and changes and heals
That responds to stress and stimulus
That reflects our habits and choices

What is this tissue that makes us unique
That contains our DNA and identity
That connects us to our kin and kind
That links us to our past and future

What is this element that transcends us
That inspires art and science and religion
That evokes awe and wonder and reverence
That embodies life and death and resurrection

Bone is more than what we see
It is more than what we touch
It is more than what we know
It is more than what we are

Bone is a mystery and a miracle
A paradox and a puzzle
A gift and a challenge
A blessing and a curse

Bone is our ally and our enemy
Our friend and our foe
Our strength and our weakness
Our glory and our shame

Bone is our beginning and our end
Our origin and our destiny
Our creation and our destruction
Our birth and our burial

We are bone.

Bone is us.