Last updated on July 8, 2023

Today, I wrote three poems in three different styles using the same prompt.

There once was a man who wanted to fly

He had a big dream and a vision so high

He wrote down his goals and made a plan

He said to himself, “I can do it, yes I can!”

He bought a ticket and boarded a plane

He was so excited; he felt no pain

He looked out the window and saw the sky

He said to himself, “This is it, I’m going to fly!”

But then he heard a voice on the speaker

It said, “Attention passengers, we have a problem here

We need to make an emergency landing

Please stay calm and follow our commanding”

The man was shocked and felt a chill

He wondered what was wrong and if he was ill

He looked at his ticket and saw the word

It said, “Destination: Manifest, a place unheard,”

He realized he had made a mistake

He had booked the wrong flight for goodness sake

He had not checked the details or read the fine print

He had not manifested his dream; he had only dreamt.

A man had a list of things to manifest

He wanted to be rich and have success

He worked hard every day

But he forgot to play

And soon he became very depressed

Make a clear intention of what you want

Align your thoughts and feelings with it

Never give up or doubt your power

Imagine it as if it’s already done

Feel grateful for the opportunity

Expect miracles and synchronicities

Stay open and receptive to guidance

Trust the process and enjoy the journey

What’s your Reaction?