Leave Only Footprints

Last updated on April 6, 2023

Through the woods we go

With each step, an unfamiliar sight

A path winding to and fro

As we trek through nature’s might

The rustling of leaves

And the chirping of birds

The babbling of creeks

And the buzzing of bees

All playing a symphony

Of nature’s pure beauty

With each turn, a new surprise

A waterfall, a mountain high

A meadow of wildflowers

Or a river flowing by

The scent of pine and earth

And the feeling of the breeze

Refreshes our souls

And puts our spirits at ease

The climb may be steep

And the trail rocky and rough

But with each summit

Comes a feeling of triumph and love

For in the great outdoors

We find peace and serenity

And though the journey may be tough

The reward is pure ecstasy

So let us not forget

To leave only footprints

And take with us the memories

Of the joyous moments

For a #hike is not just a walk

But a journey to the soul

To connect with nature

And fulfill our spirits’ goal