My name is Eric

Photo of Eric Montgomery aka Mister Eric (mrericmontgomery.com)

I’ve always been a very creative person. During my professional career, that creativity was in the world of information technology (IT).

I started in the IT industry working for some of the largest tech companies in the Pacific Northwest (back in the 80s and 90s). Initially, service and support were where everyone started. I rapidly advanced in web development, database creation and management, and graphic design.)

Eventually, I started my own IT services company called “The Computer Guy, Inc.” which was in operation between 2004-2020 in Southern Delaware, USA.

New Chapter

I’m now taking advantage of this chapter of my life to use my professional skills in new, creative ways.

In December 2020, I wrote a children’s storybook; in January 2023, I created a podcast to share my passion for writing and reading poetry; and in February 2023, I published my debut poetry chapbook.

I also enjoy sharing the spoils of my love for hobby photography.

Poetry & Writing

I’ve always enjoyed writing and tinkering with poetry back in the younger days. Then later I enjoyed writing for business — either for my company or client projects. But eventually, poetry found its way back into my life.

For me, writing poetry is therapeutic. Instead of holding onto thoughts and over-processing them in my mind, I write poems about them.

Listen to my Poetry

A twitter friend of mine, Christine Bode, read one of my poems aloud on her YouTube channel.

I’ve also read my poetry aloud on my podcast Poetry is Not Dead. Here are a few episodes:

  • Episode 10, reading several poems from my debut poetry chapbook “Multifarious Dimensions of Meh”
  • Episode 15, reading several poems written in response to word prompts
  • Episode 23, reading more prompted poetry